Tech Solutions Your Small Business Needs-The Full Cycle

Every small idea starts with the launch of a website or an app, the online journey of which, decides the future of the business. Since the past decade, technological solutions have massively advanced, and the overall importance of implementing required and relevant, web infrastructure/digital engagement panels, is increasing as well.

A digital approach- mobile applications, online marketplaces, website and portals, are generally twisted with relevant tech mapping, in order to make the services/product available to consumers. This developed and well designed digital landscape, helps businesses expand by leaps and bounds.But the actual trouble often lies in taking the web applications from just conception to high-tech reality. Here are some steps that can help any small businesses convert their ideas into potentially lucrative technological solutions.

Process your idea into real-time plans: The identification of any industry ongoing challenges will ultimately become the feature highlight of your company be it creating a technological product or a providing a service. For example, any mobile application should be able to provide consumers with tangible benefits which include reduced costs like- improved customer experience and productivity enhancements. Along with app development, you can divulge into community-based web portals, promote your business by creating a digital portfolio–websites, convert your retail into e-commerce and re-strategize your marketing services in order to match the ongoing technological trend.

Identification of solutions: The next step is to get clarity about your present digital footprint, ie. in terms of:

  • Targeting Users: A clear vision of the target audience will give you an idea of your online success rate. This can be done by creating and launching a small prototype before heading towards full-scale development. Our team at Alwaysinfotech can strategize, create, and launch the prototype for any business so as a correct assessment of future technological/marketing plans can be done on the basis of real-time feedback.
  • Revenue Model: Creating an online digital footprint be it mobile application or website is just a drill for your business, the challenge lies in creating a revenue generation stream; few suggestions from our team at Alwaysinfotech includes- launching paid applications, advertisements, different app and in-app freemiums, pay per download and subscription. We can rationally strategize your budget and revenue model through our years of experience.

Designing: Web/App development that will focus on UI design, inculcating multi-touch gestures preferably for touch-enabled devices; since creating an instant impact while ensuring the usability of digital application will predict the future run of the business.

What our team at Alwaysinfotech is accomplished at? What we do

Building a Native, Web or Hybrid application: Our suggested application development approach is always in accordance with the decided budget and the target timelines as provided by our clients. Depending upon the budget and time limitations we chose according.

Our recommendations on app development: Native- costly, time-exhausting, skill dependent, high-performance/ Web- quick, cheap, created using-HTML5, CSS, Javascript, are less powerful as compared to Native/ and Hybrid application- latest, involves on-the-fly web coding, utilises native APIs, high-performance, can be decided.

Prototype: After deciding the approach, the next step we generally adopt is to create a technological solution with basic functionality. Even if you are a startup at an investment seeking stage, our developed prototype will make the bidding of the idea to potential investors easier and result-oriented. Investors can easily visualise the definitive advantages of the application in the whole economic scenario.

Integration of appropriate analytics tool: Another integral step is monitoring traffic which will in the future help your business so as a marketing decision based on the metrics can be made easily. Here are a few good analytic tools that our team at Alwaysinfotech uses:

  • Google Analytics
  • Mixpanel
  • Localytics
  • Flurry
  • Preemptive

Beta-Testing for feedback: Before going for a full launch, it is necessary to define your target audience, eliminate bugs and incorporate feedback schemes. Feedbacks will reduce future launch risks. Be it a website, mobile application or CRM software, our team at Alwaysinfotech does a full run on feedback generation, so as we are sure of the final outcome.

Final Deployment: Deploying any technological solution will require proper planning, schedule and control of the movement of releases, in order to test in live environments. As consumer traffic rises, it will be become important to collect accurate metrics. Few examples are Funnel analysis, measuring social sharing, correlation of demographic data, tracking time and location and capturing of emergent user-base behaviour.

When all the above-mentioned steps are executed, then it is time to make a full release of any technological solution which will have improvements and required/responsible features. Connect with us at Alwaysinfotech and we will provide you with a customized, relevant and systematic end-to-end solution for your online business.